A deep insight into how the industry works has helped us design products which solve very relevant Industry problems.

10X Increase in Conversions For Religare.

Industry Specific Bot Solutions:

Be it HR Ops, IT Ops or even handholding the customer journey on B2C sites, our out-of-the box Bot Solution incorporates Business Workflows, NLP and a robust Live Agent integration to provide an industry defining Bot experience.

Strategic Partnership with UiPath to deliver cost-effective savings.

Intelligent RPA Bots

Intelligent Process Automation combines the industry leading features of UiPath with Artificial Intelligence and process consulting to deliver Action Automation, Analysis Automation, Decision Automation and Learning Robots which are getting trained based on historical data and real time interactions.

Built with
50+ Apps & provides
80% Operational Gains

FlowMagic - Visual AI Workflows Platform

Business workflows involving document processing can be extremely strenuous and error prone leading to significant efficiency issues and its ripple effects on customer experience. FlowMagic by Mantra is a platform with multiple AI driven Apps which can be configured visually to cater to different kinds of workflows.