AI and Machine Learning Trends in 2019

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The hype around AI and Machine Learning is not new, but with each passing year, its relevance is becoming prominent. Or one can say that technical pundits all around the world have finally understood the hidden benefits of these technologies and are now looking ways to leverage it to the maximum. Talking about the upcoming year 2019, will be the year for new businesses to adopt AI as a part of their business plan. As of others, it will be a whole new era of a goldmine of AI and machine learning advancements.

AI trends in 2019

Let’s dive into the pool of AI and ML for the insights on what trends and
strategies will dominate 2019.

 1. AI driving the finance sectors:

Self-driving finance is one of the practical implementations of AI that allows customers to reach their financial goals. Several banks are already using small elements of AI automated systems to manage their financial processes. But, in 2019 we will witness financial institutions taking advantage of specialized forms of AI that cater to the needs of customer segments such as retail, small business and wealth. It will be different from the current AI application that focuses on generic domain-specific solutions. 

2. A boon for designers:

In 2019, we will possibly see that designers can talk to computer programs powered through AI. The AI technology will allow designers to define their design goals, material parameters and then it will provide all the possible design permutations through its vast inventory. The designers will be able to find the most optimal design solution similar to a real time 3D printer much faster than before. 

3. Inspection of the infrastructure:

Robotics and AI are used widely to inspect the infrastructure of railroads, track roads, buildings, power lines etc. In 2019, we can expect that intelligence will be decentralized and embedded closer to the devices that carry these inspections. Currently, these devices are controlled remotely by the cloud system that is located at significant distances from the inspection sites. This transition will help to collect the inspection data more efficiently and safely. 

4. Health Care Industry:

Finance and automotive is not the only industry that will witness a revolution in 2019, but health care will also see some significant changes. AI in Healthcare, where companies have designed systems that can predict the probability of patient’s death through an analysis of various factors such as demographics, health history, health records and more. It might sound a bit unusual, but when used effectively it can have some fantastic impact on the healthcare industry. The insights gained from wearable devices will help customers to lead a healthy life and take more care of their health. 

5. AI for social good: 

In recent years only industrial sectors have witnessed the light of artificial intelligence and machine learning, but soon it will be used for social good. AI will help to make the environment eco-friendly and make our cities a better place to live. Agritech to crop optimization to sources of alternative energy, big data analytics with AI will be used to change the way consumers interact with their surroundings. 

 2019 will bring in some of the most astounding AI and machine learning advancements that will take technology wonders to a whole new level. Interestingly, we will also witness AI training AI in place of data scientists. AI will help to experiment with existing AI models to see if they are performing accurately. The only thing that we as technology practitioners can do is to wait and watch how the technology unfolds in the next year.

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