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AI & The 2020 Elections

What’s AI doing in Politics? Elections are the time when the people of a country are endowed with enormous power and decide their collective future. Whether young or old, right-leaning or left; every citizen partakes to elect the next group of representatives that will govern.   A political party is able to influence the citizenry […]

Top 5 smartest AI-powered machines on earth

With a brain size of 2,400 home computers and a database of 10 million documents; augmented by AI, IBM Watson supercomputer is dubiously yet famously predicted massive takeover of all time. Artificial intelligence complements the abilities and reinforces human talent. Coined in 1955 to describe a new computer science sub-discipline, “Artificial Intelligence” today includes a […]

How does AI recognise your hand gestures and movements?

The 2002 dystopian thriller Minority Report, set an incredible prescience with all kinds of modernistic tech shown throughout the movie. Fifteen years later the film still holds up, casting an eerie foreshadow on the future of artificial technology. From driverless cars, voice-controlled homes and even personalised ads set in the near-technological future, the movie accurately […]

The Evolution of AI in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is gradually succumbing to its ailments. The American healthcare industry was worth $24.7 billion in 1960. It is now valued at $3.5 trillion. Receiving care in a hospital for a heart attack will cost you an average of $20,246 in the US, and the expense might actually cause you another.   In […]

Aliens and AI

Various sci-fi movies have always provoked our imagination as to how artificially intelligent aliens have always been. From the lethal machines in “War of the Worlds” to the cool AI-driven weaponry in “Star Wars,” we’re always astounded with their AI-powered gizmos. What if the superintelligence really exists? What if for the extraterrestrials, AI was quite a […]

How AI is a boon for Mobile App Development

The rate at which AI is expanding is gaining momentum. The study determined that AI expansion brought about three times as much investment in 2016 – nearly $40 billion – as it did only three years ago. Business sectors like healthcare, education, and finance are investing in AI, but mobile is one of the most […]

AI and Machine Learning Trends in 2019

The hype around AI and Machine Learning is not new, but with each passing year, its relevance is becoming prominent. Or one can say that technical pundits all around the world have finally understood the hidden benefits of these technologies and are now looking ways to leverage it to the maximum. Talking about the upcoming […]

How is Artificial Intelligence(AI) in smartphones changing the game for consumers

Smartphones are driving the world, so it is no more an option but the dire needs of the time to empower it with the latest technologies. The one technique that is ruling the market currently is Artificial intelligence(AI) which is steadily becoming a part of the smartphone industry. Several smartphones released in recent times include […]

How is Artificial Intelligence(AI) expected to evolve in 2019?

The hype around AI is not new, but its demand in the industry is on exponential growth. Whenever I use Siri on my phone I am bemused at the existence of such as starkly impossible feature and also think what will become of it in the next few years? What will be the next technology […]

Top 6 Ways Artificial Intelligence will Impact the finance industry

The adoption of AI application in various verticals has already proven their substance. It is not surprising that even the finance industry is revamping their traditional model and deploying artificial intelligence for better infrastructure. Here are the recent statistics   AI in FinTech is creating a significant impact, let us have a look at how […]