How is Artificial Intelligence(AI) expected to evolve in 2019?

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The hype around AI is not new, but its demand in the industry is on exponential growth. Whenever I use Siri on my phone I am bemused at the existence of such as starkly impossible feature and also think what will become of it in the next few years? What will be the next technology innovation that will revolutionize the entire world? The driving force behind such features is none other than Artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the latest AI trends and machine learning, new technological frontiers are steadily unraveling.


It will be exciting to see what else is in the store for AI in 2019. Here are some of our predictions:

1) Adoption of AI in new industries

The benefits of AI and machine learning is no more under the cape. Industries are gradually understanding the potential of AI for their business and are getting ready to make it an integral part of their industry. In the next year, we can expect AI making inroads in new industries and an advanced AI architecture implementation for the ones who are already using AI.  AI in insurance/Insurtech and healthcare are some of the sectors that will witness significant changes.


2) Improved human and machine interaction

The idea behind AI that it is for automating the mundane tasks has now completely changed.  Businesses have started to see AI more than just a task automation tool. Technology leaders are of the view that AI can be used to make an intelligent system that is capable of making smart and calculated decisions just like humans.  Human beings have a knowledge base that helps them to make choices, and the same idea is being cultivated for drafting intelligent AI  systems.

2019 will be about training the AI to understand the nuances of human interactions. In the process, one will also recognize the limitations of AI and the loopholes where human intervention is required.


3) AI assistants

We all are getting used to the AI assistants such as Alexa and Siri. Although the interaction level is currently limited the day is not far when we will entirely depend on similar bots for our everyday life. People are turning towards Alexa and Google Home products to perform tasks such as searching the Internet or switching on the lights or playing music, and we can expect some more prominent innovations in 2019.

The automobile industry is also playing hard to make AI assistants a part of their automobile infrastructure.  Kia and Hyundai have already taken the plunge and announced the addition of AI assistants in their cars in the next year. We need to wait and see how consumers will react to this move.


4) AI and Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the “In-thing” that became popular with the famous Pokemon go. It pushed the thinking levels of the technology pundits and they engrossed themselves in finding new ways to make it a part of their business strategies. Augmented reality has already paved the way into several industries, and we can expect that its application will soon be a part of teaching and training curriculums revolutionizing the education systems. It will help to create an education system that is much more dynamic, interactive as compared to conventional teaching methods.


5) Wearables

The wearable devices have found themselves settling exclusively in the health sectors. A team at MIT designed a wearable watch backed with AI technology that monitors not only the heart rate but also energy levels and muscle oxygen uptake. It sends real-time notifications and helps to optimize the exercise levels and track the recovery process. 2019 will be a year where one can expect some more top-notch brands are introducing interesting wearable devices.

AI and machine learning is a boon to businesses and is quite fascinating to see the advancements that it is bringing on a day-to-day basis. It is not just affecting the professional sphere, but it has also penetrated in our lives on a personal level. Currently, AI is speeding up at a rapid pace and will result in some of the most defining industrial innovations.

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