Just speak: Voice based AI applications

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In the age of artificial intelligence, we expect more intelligent and automated system of systems. In this pursuit, the voice based application like chatbox is going to be super popular.

We want our services as per our voice. We want to get food, get a cab, get the consultancy just by giving a vocal command. Perhaps that is why 2017 would be the great year to work on voice based AI applications.

Some of the popular voice based applications which are being used already

 Siri is one of the most popular personal assistant with a voice-controlled natural language interface offered by Apple.

Google Now is one of the most intelligent evolutions of Google. It can predict what you will want or need to know before you know it.

Amazon Echo can help you to search the web for information, schedule appointments, shop, control lights, switches, thermostats, answers questions, reads audiobooks, reports traffic and weather. So basically it works like your personal assistant.

voice verification

Here I share a voice based AI application where you can change the color of plot, size of points, title of the plot And make a (local polynomial) regression just by your Voice.


Please try it and offer your precious feedback

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