Pseudo-AI: When humans do bots work

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To make machines scale up in the interaction in real time, to make decisions quickly and uniformly through rules, make an intelligent move at least as intelligent than a human, the system of artificial intelligence was proposed. In such a system, a machine is programmed to work intelligently.

There are many communities that have been reported to have tried making machines mimic extreme cases of human behavior.

Organizations had to impress customers and investors, they instead hired humans who were kept hidden from customers and investors but were interacting with them through machines, hence giving them an impression that machine has acquired that level of human behavior. The customers were impressed to a level that they appreciated non existing machine intelligence algorithms.

These hidden humans were hidden positioned to interact with customers and investors so that the customers and investors feel machine to be programmed to intelligence. This realm has grown ever since people dream of making machines intelligent than humans, and is termed as ‘pseudo -AI’. It is still on the rise.

A compilation of such reported cases are presented here

a) Spinvox announced that it can transcribe voicemails to text through a machine but was alleged to have hired humans who were listening to voicemails and were writing the transcripts.

To pretend with a machine for human-like tone, cool manners, prompt scheduling of meetings, many companies have hired humans to pretend chatbots. The subjected humans were made to work for 12 hours in the monotonous job. and Clara were found to have this practice prominent.

 b) Facebook pushes itself into AI, the Facebook’s virtual assistant is suspected to be a human.

An expense management application Expensify has admitted that its declared AI product SmartScan, which is assumed to scan the expense receipts and categorize the details into corresponding expense pool through a machine process, was actually assisted by humans. Breaching privacy of users, the receipts were posted on freelancing websites where freelancers used to take out extracts of information from receipts and send it to Expensify team. If a machine was doing it, the scan should have produced results quickly, But because expensify was posting it to freelancers, the process had to take some time. This is evident in this conversation.

The global community working with AI must follow the ethics of science, engineering and business as well as prevent the growth of pseudo AI. More than the fear of AI taking over humans, the rising realm of pseudo AI poses danger of humans taking over AI, thus defeating the creativity that comes in the AI products as well as spirit of this advanced frontier of computer science.

What a real AI can do is remarkable. How it is learning is more significant.


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