6 biggest keynotes from Apple’s WWDC 2017

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Keynote event of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC2017) where announces happened about iPhones, MacBooks, Apple TV, and more. News about what Apple’s doing with macOS, its hardware, iOS 11 and big features like augmented reality or launching a smart speaker.

Here are some highlights:

Apple Watch – OS 4 has Siri

An update for the Apple Watch is coming which introduces new faces that display different types of informations, such as

  • Automatically displays information based on routines and apps that you use. uses machine learning to display relevant alerts on the watch
  • Personalised activity notifications based on your exercise patterns.
  • Creates personalised goals and challenges for somethings you could not do earlier or came close to finishing

MacOS High Sierra

The latest version of macOS will be called High Sierra, and it comes with updates such as

  • Safari browser- help block site trackers
  • Control over autoplaying videos and  ads
  • Cookies to avoid being tracked.
  • Better search
  • Photos – added new photo-editing tools like curves, it has better filtering tools to sort images by keywords or faces.
  • Advance neural networks used for facial recognition.
  • Supports VR content creation libraries, SDK and engines.


  • Messages are on cloud and allows p2p payment integrated.
  • Siri  has deep learning with multiple ways to speech capabilities.
  • Allows translation of language.
  • Allows security while driving with drive mode using the  doppler bluetooth and wifi readings, intelligently identifying when you are driving to stop notification alerts.
  • Camera is improved with capability of having AR. able to identify surfaces and add objects to it. the objects interaction is taken care of like shadows based on added lights


It has predictive area that identifies what application you may want to use next. This is based on machine learning about your usage of apps searchable handwritten notes. The OS recognises what is written and allows searching wishing handwritten notes.


It has spatial recognition to allow the music quality to be updated based on the room it is being used in . Support of Siri and base home kit allows you to control home kit devices remotely.


iOS 11

You’ll be looking forward to in iOS 11

  • Now you can type to Siri in latest version
  • Create and capture GIFs now
  • Redesigned podcast app
  • QR code support

Stay tuned for more updates.

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