Difference between Face Detection, Face Recognition and Facial Analysis

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) attempts to create a machine that simulate human intelligence to identify and use the right pieces of knowledge at the time of decision-making and solving problems. It deals with computational models that can think and behave like the way humans do.

Computer Vision is a super exciting part of Artificial Intelligence where we attempt to get intelligence out of visual data. Intelligence can be scene/object detection, face detection, face recognition, facial analysis.

Common misconception regarding face detection is to be highlighted. To be exact, let us try to understand the computer vision terms nicely.


1. Face Detection : Finding the faces (any) in an image/frame. It does not care about “whose face “. It just counts number of persons in the given image/frame. To know the number of persons in a conference/store, it can be used.

2. Face Recognition: Recognizing the face in an image/frame. It identifies/recognizes the face that face belong to X person. When you upload a picture on Facebook, you get recommendation regarding tagging your friends or yourself. That is the face recognition capability of Facebook.

3. Facial Analysis: Analysis of face in terms of age-group, sex, expression etc. It can help you know detailed information about your customers in a store if you use this capability.

Amazon (AWS) has launched Amazon Rekognition API to perform the above activities. IBM Watson offers visual recogntion API to perform the similar activities whereas Microsoft Azure has Face API to do it. There are other companies (service providers) that can offer the similar services in customized manner. Please explore and get the best out of the latest technologies.

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