Artificial Intelligence Consulting : Is your business ready for AI?

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Are you looking to use AI in your business and need to find the best AI consultants? Here are some experts views on why artificial intelligence consulting is beneficial for your business.

Charlie Guerini, Senior Director of Global Operations & Head of Europe, Alphanumeric Systems, Inc. says

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting?

The purpose of AI consulting is to help customers combine the technological power of AI with the knowledge and skill of expert resources to provide end-users a seamless, interactive experience in real-time.

That statement might seem obvious, but often businesses miss out on crucial components of the solution. Without skilled and knowledgeable humans and a thorough understanding of the business challenges at hand, you’re wasting valuable investment on AI software that can’t deliver the promised ROI on its own.

Business leaders struggle with an investment decision. There is demand for artificial intelligence products, but the supply side is limited. Often, the technology isn’t fully mature yet. Further, many companies buying the products don’t have the appropriate resources to ensure a successful implementation. This is why artificial intelligence consulting is critical and will continue to be a highly important industry in the near future.

Successfully engaging an AI initiative requires three key steps, outlined as follows:

    • Perform an in-depth gap analysis of your current state of the business.
    • Hire resources with AI expertise, and provide them with the tools and ongoing training they need to be successful. Educate your entire organization on this great AI journey.
    • Automate as much as you can. Continuously adjust and learn. Pilot and implement.

It’s also important to be strategic in your implementation. Many companies overlook the opportunity to implement a low-complexity solution that can yield immediate benefits. For example, by collecting and analyzing customer behavior data, you may find an opportunity to introduce a relatively simple chatbot that can resolve simple tasks and allow your more skilled employees to handle complex issues. This is simply scraping the surface of many more processes you can tackle.

Why AI is important for your business?

Rahul Saini at Grazitti Interactive says

  • The rise of virtual assistance: AI driven chatbots are already catching up in 2018 and are expected to become a major part of every business by 2020. Chatbots are being used for a wide range of purposes and have already proved to be a success in customer service.
  • A means to generate valuable insights: Data is the most essential raw material that any organization needs in today’s digital economy. AI-based systems are powerful enough to develop a statistical approach. They also improve and continuously and adapt to the behavioral changes as they consume more data.
  • Increasing automation at work: More and more robots are being developed and deployed alongside humans in factories today. A good AI consulting firm can you automate the routine processes in the industrial part of the business. Automated tools and robots can work 24/7 boosting the overall efficiency of the organization.

Katie Gibbs, Head of Consulting and Delivery at Heron Says

Data is a plentiful commodity these days – but companies need to get the most out of it. That’s a huge part of what we do. So many businesses are sitting on masses of actionable data that can be optimised with AI. By moulding overall strategy around the capabilities of AI to derive valuable insights from data using technologies like text analysis, machine learning and intelligent automation, companies can effectively rebrand themselves as AI-led organisations and transform their productivity.

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