RPA to AI : UiPath and Google AI partnership

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After the successful collaboration with Capital G, UiPath has now announced their new integration with Google cloud contact center AI. 

Brief introduction about cloud contact center AI: 

Cloud contact center AI is designed to provide automated and human-like responses to the customers. It is an excellent step towards an enhanced user experience (UX) as users get to have personalized and intuitive response. To automate the complete process of the contact center, one needs to collate information from multiple resources and organize them in an understandable format that can be interpreted by knowledge base API. 

What does UiPath do?

The robots of UiPath are capable of retrieving, manipulating and presenting information from multiple resources within specific time limits. It alleviates the overall time taken to respond to a customer query enhancing the overall customer satisfaction. Not just this but they also help to automate data entry to legacy applications seamlessly.  The Uipath bots can actively work both on an active computer as well as in the background of the server. In short, one can say that UiPath efficiently and intelligently leverages the resources and help the agents as well as the customers at work. 

The redundant yet the essential processes that are done by the agents manually can be automated and connected to Google cloud’s contact center via Uipath connectors. It will help the automation and fast processing of the standard requests. This time can be utilized by the agents to interact with callers and deliver superior customer experience. 

How is the integration of Uipath and Google AI helpful? 

With more and more companies joining the Cloud bandwagon to increase their productivity and get ready to face the technological challenges this integration plays a crucial role. It is predicted that by 2020, most of the enterprises will move their most of the workloads to the cloud and adopt the most advanced AI tools.  

As we all know that UiPath is an exceptional RPA (robotic process automation) vendors that help organizations to automate their processes, this collaboration will help companies to leverage the benefits of Google cloud AI and the RPA infrastructure of UiPath. The most common challenges faced by companies when they adopt AI are high costs, dedicated workforce, and complexities of the processes involved. Uipath will help to ease the integration processes and make it easy for handling and management. 


The collaboration includes the embedding of the customer machine learning models with Google’s cloud machine learning engine that can help to automate tasks like customer signature verification, scanning the job database, provisioning the recommendations and several more. All of these can be put into single interconnected process automation easily and trained as per the requisites of your system. 

Several companies like Red Cross, NASA, LG, SMBC group have already adopted and deployed bots to automate their redundant tasks and improve their overall efficiency. But, the challenges engulfing RPA and cloud environment will increase with time as more and more people are embracing it.  This collaboration will be the ultimate answer to these challenges.

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