Shiny dashboard with R Shiny

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There is a perception that R is built only for data manipulations and data modeling purposes. Reality is that we can make any powerful web based interactive visualization by using R package of Shiny.

How it happens : R-shiny: “shiny” , “shinydashboard” and “shinyjs” are powerful packages and that enables us to develop web based interactive visualization.

#ui.R  :  UI component ( header, body, sidebar)

header <- dashboardHeader( …)

body <- dashboardBody( … )

side <- dashboardSidebar(…)

dashboardPage(header,   body,  side)



# all backend activities


Once you click “Run App”  on Rstudio,  application/API is ready and then you can republish it on shiny server ( once you have signed up) to make it online..

Sharing some examples :

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