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In the era of huge documents/pdf, who cares to read pdf line by line ? Thousands of pdf have been in the queue for your reading. No matter whether you want to read all of them or not, you cannot afford to read them, understand them in this digital age.

So, what should we do ? We may need to know the summary of pdf files in most of the cases, if not all of the cases. But who can read and summarize for you ? Do you like to have your assistants, that too quite educated to read, understand and then make the summarization for you ? Does it look practical ?

Document Summarization is vital to us in this digital era

What is the solution?

Artificial Intelligence is there to help you out. It shall summarize your pdf. That makes huge sense in this digital age. So you need to have an AI based API that does the summarization. Here is the pdf Summary API


This API would give you following advantages :-

1. You shall save your time of reading and understanding documents/pdf

2. You shall save your efforts and utilize your energy in some more useful things

3. As it is online, you can use it from anywhere and on desktop, mobile or tab.

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