The Five Myths of AI

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Debunking AI Myths – AI is lot more than Algorithms and Robots

AI the complicated yet lucrative technology, the need for many and known to few. While AI is everything from machine intelligence to technology, it also has some common misconceptions like AI is the only solution that your industry needs or AI can think and reason by itself or how about AI is the next generation of the human machine? Which one do you believe?

Let’s dive in to clear off the dust from the myths that prevail about AI. Are you ready?

Myth One – AI is synonym to Algorithms

AI cannot work unless the data provided to them is structured, parsed and accurate. For example, a hypothesis that existed quite earlier that if we allow two different language dictionaries to talk we may create a translator. However, the execution only could happen when the two dictionaries were termed as big data, structure it and mash them to provide accurate results. So now if we have the algorithm to convert from Spanish to English but the data inputted is German and English it is bound to go wrong.

Myth Two – AI is to replace humans

Be it your marketing strategy or your virtual assistant, all solutions in the modern world could be AI enabled, but it never means they would lack the human touch. While automation and AI could replace human for less skilled jobs like folding papers or cleaning bin, a place for qualified and experienced professional still exists.

Myth Three – Moving things like Robots are AI

Do you think Drones or HDFC bank IRA is an AI solution? Well, these are a just machine that could move and work as expected from their design like Robotic assistance for Ira and travel for drones.

Myth Four – An AI solution could solve all your business problems

AI is not a magic wand that could eradicate all your problems from the design process to its delivery and maintenance. Well, AI could help at each stage but what is necessary to look for the quantity and quality of data at these steps, feed it to the algorithm apply some human intelligence and then get your problem solved.

Myth Five – AI solutions produces results instantly

How much time do you think you would take to learn two languages? Or how about a calculation of –

Courtesy – Softpedia

We are sure unless you are a great mathematician or a person with superb IQ you would need to work on it step by step. Similarly, AI tries to match human cognition that means training about data, building models and finally optimizing the algorithm. So, do not expect results to be quick.

However, the question yet remains what type of future do we need to build with AI? Self-destructive weapons or Self Treating Clinics? Super humans or Job Automation? Will the intelligent machines supersede us or coexists in harmony? Only time can tell

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