Image detection and Augmented Reality tools

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The ongoing hype regarding Augmented Reality has sparked an interesting conversation about the possibilities of Image detection. After Facebook F8 conference and Google I/O 2017 it becomes inevitable among tech giants to get in the game.

Though the VR has been available to everyone (Thanks to Google’s Cardbox), the concept of AR isn’t yet prominent among the public usage. When you think of Augmented Reality, one of the key elements to consider is object or image recognition technology, also known as Image detection.

Recently Microsoft with its Holo lens and Apple with it’s AR Kit spiked interest among everyone by instating it’s the future of the current technology.


Let’s have look at a couple of Augmented Reality frameworks for better understanding.



Kudan is a framework which works on marker less version of AR. With Kudan, whether it’s a Video, 3D Render or a Transparent Video, all you have to do is set it up with the related image as a trigger. You won’t need to go through the hassle of learning of another framework or programs such as Unity. Have a look at this example, the link of the video.

It also includes KudanAR toolkit for converting 3D object formats to ARModel format for the use. This tool kit supports 3D object formats such as FBX, OBJ, DAE which are pretty much easy to render in most of the tools available nowadays.

One good part about this framework is the media which is viewable from different angles and auto resumes when displaced and replaced on the trigger.


Vuforia has one of the best trackings and augmented solution out there. Vuforia we can use when we have to detect an image and have to show some 3D object and after that to play with that 3D object. For example, To build an app in which you have to detect an image and in that position, you want to show a lamp with on off feature and color change of lamp feature. Link to video.

From my experience, Vuforia is easy to make a marker, add a target with the marker on the scene and make whatever AR object(3D object should be in OBJ or FBX format.) you want to associate with the target as a child of the image target object.

Unity is a cross-platform game engine is used to develop games and Augmented reality apps. We can develop high-quality 3D and 2D games using unity.

One downside of the Vuforia is the lack of marker less AR support.

Both of these frameworks come with free developer license and have extensive usages and flexibility for the development. In the end, the selection of the framework to use depends on the flexibility, comfort and the requirements of the developer and the application.

Do you have any suggestions about what AR might be useful for? Please leave a comment!

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